Men: Seriously, make up your minds!

Society for almost as long as humans have been on Earth, have placed value on a women’s sexuality. You know, we’ve slept with too many people, we don’t give it up soon enough, or we’re “easy,” and of course the list goes on.

But, guys, seriously? Pick one.

I’ve heard multiple things come out of many individual men’s mouths. “If a girl sleeps with me too soon she doesn’t deserve my respect.”


Maybe she just really liked you. Or trusted you. So maybe you should stop being a judgemental f*ck. Because, let’s see, she could just as easily say that you slept with her too soon since she didn’t have sex with herself.

There’s also the hilariously dreadful, “If a girl has a lot of sex, she doesn’t have any self respect.” Please don’t make me barf and laugh at the same time. We all own our bodies. We can do with them what we so choose. The power is in our own hands–man or woman.

So here is what I want to know. You’ve seen the above quotes. Why do the same men who say these things also say, “I don’t want to share a bed with a girl unless she is planning to f*ck me”? That’s a direct quote, I just won’t say from whom.

Let’s lay it all out for you so I understand:

  1. We have to be pure
  2. But not too pure
  3. We have to make you wait
  4. But not too long because then you’ll get bored and look for it elsewhere
  5. We aren’t deserving of respect if we sleep with you
  6. Yet, you don’t respect us if we refrain either
  7. We really can’t win with you, can we?

So men everywhere, please let us know exactly what your “rules” are… especially over our own bodies because I am a confused 30-something who has yet to figure this out.


Women everywhere.


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