Why #WalkUp is Wrong…Instead let the kids #WalkOut…and here is why:

Now before anyone goes irate on my blog, let me make one thing clear. #WalkUp is a good sentiment. Yes, none of the kids should bully other kids. And yes, the kids need to respect each other.

But here is the problem with the whole “Walk Up Not Out” thing:

You are basically telling these kids that it’s their fault they were shot because they “weren’t nice” to the loner kid.

Maybe if we are nice to everyone, we won’t be killed.

We all know that’s not how life REALLY works.

I think all of us have been bullied at some point in our lives. That doesn’t mean you go on a shooting rampage and kill everyone that has ever hurt you. It doesn’t give you the right to take a life because someone wasn’t nice to you. This world is cruel and although I agree that it needs to be a better place, we have no control over how others think and act. Nikolas Cruz’s actions were not justified because he wasn’t invited to eat lunch with the other kids.

On Wednesday this week, students across the country marched out of their schools to demand a safer school environment. (I won’t even discuss the gun reform issue…). But is that a bad thing? Kids want to go to school and feel safe and not get KILLED. By saying they need to “walk up,” you’re invalidating their horrific experiences and diluting it to nothing.

These kids in Florida witnessed something horrible, something that most of us cannot even fathom. They watched their friends get killed, they were scared, and NOW they are fighting back.

This is AMERICA. We shouldn’t have to worry about our kids going to school everyday and wonder if they will come home ALIVE. That is what these kids are fighting for. They are fighting for future students to have a safe place to call school… not a potential graveyard.

So please, kids, fight for what you believe in, because us adults have been silent too long. Your voices need to be heard. So #walkout! Do what you have to do so the younger generation can go to school safely. We are with you.


Image Credit: Seattle Times


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