Things I have Noticed About “Rugrats” Rewatching it as an Adult…

Most–if not all–80’s/90’s kids know what Rugrats are! They were those cute, funny babies that went on many adventures and warmed our hearts for years.

I recently discovered that Rugrats is on Hulu (click here to see). I am almost finished with Season One and here are some things that came to mind while binge watching these beloved babies!

  1. How the heck are Stu and Didi affording their house? Their house looks huge right? And Didi is a teacher and Stu is a struggling inventor… how exactly are they paying the bills?
  2. Angelica’s behavior drives me up a wall. Everything from her being fake polite to manipulating the babies makes me want to cringe.
  3. I feel like I can totally relate with Grandpa. From all if his “Back in my day…” stories to all of his naps. Then there was the episode where he took Tommy grocery shopping and bought a whole cart full of “Fudgy-Ding-A-Ling Bars.”
  4. Betty is a good friend. It seems she always helps Didi calm down when she gets into her worrying moods. She is also Feminist AF.
  5. It hilarious how Didi turns to her Dr. Lipschitz book when needing parenting advice.
  6. WHY IS NO ONE WATCHING THE KIDS?! Seriously these babies end up all over the place before any one realizes they are gone (in some cases, they never do).
  7. In regards to the parents, how does no one ever notice the screwdriver in Tommy’s diaper? Seriously, he hides everything in there!
  8. Chuckie might be the overly-cautious one, but he is a good friend for Tommy! He is courageous when it’s the most important and he never lets his friends down.
  9. Phil and Lil are the reason I never want twins. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but remember the episode where Didi convinces Betty that she should separate the twins once in a while? Well, in that episode Betty mistakes Lil for Phil even though she has her dress on. Not that Betty cares about gender “norms” but you get my point. I’d be so paranoid to not recognize which one was which. Especially if they were the same sex.
  10. Stu and Drew have such an unhealthy relationship. They are both still highly upset with each other about a lot of petty things they did to one another as kids. Remember when the puppet show was a disaster? I personally think they should forgive and just be brotherly adults.

And that is what I have noticed so far watching the Rugrats. Have you noticed anything different? Share in the comments!

Image Copyright Nickelodeon and Hulu


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