Things I have Noticed About “Rugrats” Rewatching it as an Adult…

Most–if not all–80’s/90’s kids know what Rugrats are! They were those cute, funny babies that went on many adventures and warmed our hearts for years.

I recently discovered that Rugrats is on Hulu (click here to see). I am almost finished with Season One and here are some things that came to mind while binge watching these beloved babies!

  1. How the heck are Stu and Didi affording their house? Their house looks huge right? And Didi is a teacher and Stu is a struggling inventor… how exactly are they paying the bills?
  2. Angelica’s behavior drives me up a wall. Everything from her being fake polite to manipulating the babies makes me want to cringe.
  3. I feel like I can totally relate with Grandpa. From all if his “Back in my day…” stories to all of his naps. Then there was the episode where he took Tommy grocery shopping and bought a whole cart full of “Fudgy-Ding-A-Ling Bars.”
  4. Betty is a good friend. It seems she always helps Didi calm down when she gets into her worrying moods. She is also Feminist AF.
  5. It hilarious how Didi turns to her Dr. Lipschitz book when needing parenting advice.
  6. WHY IS NO ONE WATCHING THE KIDS?! Seriously these babies end up all over the place before any one realizes they are gone (in some cases, they never do).
  7. In regards to the parents, how does no one ever notice the screwdriver in Tommy’s diaper? Seriously, he hides everything in there!
  8. Chuckie might be the overly-cautious one, but he is a good friend for Tommy! He is courageous when it’s the most important and he never lets his friends down.
  9. Phil and Lil are the reason I never want twins. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but remember the episode where Didi convinces Betty that she should separate the twins once in a while? Well, in that episode Betty mistakes Lil for Phil even though she has her dress on. Not that Betty cares about gender “norms” but you get my point. I’d be so paranoid to not recognize which one was which. Especially if they were the same sex.
  10. Stu and Drew have such an unhealthy relationship. They are both still highly upset with each other about a lot of petty things they did to one another as kids. Remember when the puppet show was a disaster? I personally think they should forgive and just be brotherly adults.

And that is what I have noticed so far watching the Rugrats. Have you noticed anything different? Share in the comments!

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We Need to End the Suicide Stigma (Content Warning)

I write this with a heavy heart this morning as I learned one of my friends committed suicide two nights ago.

First, I felt the shock of the news.

Then, I felt the sadness of the loss.

Now, I feel the guilt.

I should have done more. I should have seen the signs. I should have communicated with her more, checked on her more, the list goes on.

But there is something else I have discovered about suicide during this tragedy, and that’s the fact that there are people who still don’t understand mental health.

There is still such a harsh stigma behind people committing suicide… I’ve heard things like, “Well, I know she didn’t go to heaven” and “She should have found something in her life worth hanging onto.”

???? (This is where I raise my eyebrow)

First of all, none of us can say where the person went after they died. We don’t have the right and it’s not our judgement to make.

You can’t just tell people who are depressed, suicidal, etc, that they need to find something to hold onto. That they need to find a REASON to be here. That’s not how it works.

As well all know, the reason we are here on this Earth is never blatantly placed before us. There is no flashing sign that tells us why we are here. If that were the case, maybe it would help. Maybe. But with mental health, there are no promises.

People who have never felt this way don’t understand this. And good for you for being mentally “stronger” than some of the rest of us. But we don’t need your advice. In fact, your advice can be a little toxic sometimes. People don’t WANT or CHOOSE to feel this way. If everyone had the choice to be happy, carefree, and not worry about a damn thing, trust me, that’s what they’d choose. You cannot tell depressed people to find something to hold onto. That’s not how it works. Let me explain.

When you feel this way, you feel there is an impending doom. You feel like no one TRULY cares about you even if you have dozens of friends and family. You have convinced yourself that people would be better off without you (and sometimes people may have told you that). You’re tired of hurting. You’re tired of feeling worthless. There’s a dark cloud looming over you that keeps telling you to end it because everything will be so much better. There will be no more suffering. JK Rowling symbolized this very well with the Dementors in the Harry Potter series.

And it’s not about what is around you and who is in your life. Depression doesn’t care if you have kids, are a celebrity, are the most popular person in school, a house wife, a world class athlete, a brilliant scientist on the verge of finding a cure for AIDS, a beautiful model, the kid working at the local gas station…

And to speak to the survivors of suicide attempts, the stigma is even worse. They are often labeled CRAZY, SELFISH, or MENTALLY UNSTABLE. I know, because I am one of them.

We need to end this judgemental attitude society has. Let’s stop telling these people to have external reasons to stay, or that they are going to hell. Let’s instead help them, give them resources that will help them. Tell them that we will be there, because at the end of the day that is what all of us want–just someone to be there in the dark times.


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The LGBT+ Community Deserves Medical Care too…

Well, it’s 2018 and I cannot believe I actually have to talk about this. This particular subject angers me to the depths of my soul. Trump has passed a law allowing medical personnel to deny LGBT people–yes, PEOPLE–medical care if they do not agree with their “lifestyle.”

As a future nurse, and as someone who has been working in the healthcare field to some degree for a while now, THIS ANGERS ME…I know I said that already. Here’s the thing, I don’t think some people realize how dangerous this is. We aren’t talking about a wedding cake here, we are talking about HUMAN LIVES. It goes against the oath that EVERY healthcare worker has to take.

We cannot put our personal beliefs in front of providing medical care for a patient. The patient is number one. Helping them is the first priority. Not your religion, not your bigotry, not your prejudice.

I fear that this will eventually get worse. What do I mean by that? Well, what if gets to the point where people can deny care to someone because of their race? What if nurses can deny delivering someone’s baby because of the woman’s marital status? This is unethical in many ways and we need to STOP it!

And if you are an LGBT ally, you need to stand up and fight as well!

My final note, if you work in the healthcare field and have no problem denying care to a fellow human because of your own pathetic bigotry, get out of the healthcare field! Like, yesterday. Because your close-minded, hiding-behind-religion tactics are going to kill someone. And remember the ten commandments: “THOU SHALT NOT KILL.”

Trump says Haiti is a “sh*t hole country”…Well here is my response…

We’ve all seen the news in the last 24 hours talking about Trump and his “shit hole countries” comment. Haiti was one of the countries he was speaking of. While Trump himself denies that he said these words, there were other people in the room who either agreed that he said this or didn’t exactly deny it.

So let’s talk about this. Yes, it’s a blatantly racist comment. As the United States, we should be making things as peaceful as possible with all countries. I know most of us are scared out of our pants about a nuclear war with North Korea and Trump seems to not care about the lives or welfare of the people in the very country he “runs.” But I digress.

Let me tell you about people of Haiti that I know.

When I lived in Florida, I worked at two nursing homes as a CNA (certified nurse assistant). Many of my co-workers were women from Haiti. I was a new CNA, being only 21, and let me tell you I learned a lot from these women who Trump claims to be from a “sh*t hole country.”

These women taught me how to work faster and more efficiently when dealing with patients. Some of them taught me a few words of Creole and we would all laugh when I attempted to pronounce them. These women threw a baby shower for me when I was pregnant with my first son. Many of them gave me parenting advice when I needed help with my son after he was born. We were a team working together to take care of our patients and help keep each other’s heads up. In 2010, when the Earthquake in Haiti happened, our facility took in a few people from there to help them with wound care. They were all very nice and thankful to be here and safe.

In conclusion, the “sh*it hole” country as Trump calls it, has introduced me to some of the strongest women in the world. And some of the most hard working at that.

So dear citizens in or from Haiti, I apologize for Trump’s words.


3 Things That Happen When You Are Mindful of What You Eat

Roughly five months ago I made the decision to stop eating meat. I can’t really explain what brought me to this choice. I know it’s been something that’s crossed my mind for years now but last August it got to the point where I could barely look at meat in the store. I didn’t think that a cow, chicken, pig, or fish should have to sacrifice it’s life just to nourish mine. Mind you, this is NOT an article to force veganism or vegetarianism down your throat. Not at all. This is just to tell you some benefits. Here goes:

1. You’ll feel better

Yes, that’s right. If your diet switch is done properly (and by that I mean still eating proteins and possibly taking supplements), you’ll feel better, more energetic, and less fatigued. At the time, my blood pressure was up, my iron was down, and I felt sluggish all the time. By adding more plants to your diet, you get more nutrients. It’s a fact!

2. You’ll have less “bathroom issues”

Um yeah, this is a topic too many people don’t want to talk about, but here I am to talk about just that. Bathroom issues have been a severe problem for me since 2013 when my gallbladder decided to betray me and create stones. I had it removed and as I am glad that I don’t have crushing pain of gallbladder attacks anymore, with it being removed causes a whole new set of problems. Having no gallbladder completely changes your digestive system and just about any food can trigger bathroom trips. Well, since I’ve changed to a plant based diet, I’ve noticed my AHEM… bathroom trips have been more…normal. You see, the America diet is highly lacking fiber. Fiber which is found in fruits, veggies, and legumes helps make things smoother and normal…if you know what I mean. But here’s the thing, and don’t let this scare you, when you make the switch, your digestive system WILL freak out for about a week or two…gallbladder or no gallbladder. Your body isn’t used to it, but give it time to regulate and then you’ll see the difference.

3. You have a new appreciation for all life

I’ve done a lot of reading on the animals that we typically eat in America, ya know, piggies, cows, chickens… It turns out that they are amazingly intelligent creatures. Pigs have the intelligence of a three-year-old, which is incredible considering most people view them as rough, disgusting creatures. Cows have emotions almost the same as humans. They mourn lost friends or family members, they are very playful, and they grow bonds with humans as well–granted they are being treated fairly. Chickens have an incredible memory for recognizing our faces. These are intelligent, loving, playful creatures, and as I said earlier, I don’t feel that they need to sacrifice their lives to nourish mine.

So if you are considering making the switch to veganism or vegetarianism, do some research. Know what products to consume and not to consume. Now what nutrients you need and what plant based item to get them from. The farm animals and your body will thank you!

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Believe it or Not, We Can Simply Respect Women Without Judging Them on their Sex Life

Yes, it’s 2018 now and yes, I still have to argue with another human being who is also from this century about this. So here we go:

Pretend you’re a guy and you meet a woman. You really like this woman. She’s cute, funny, lovable, etc. She hasn’t done anything towards you that you would deem bad. You’ve gone on a few dates, you’ve also known her for a while beforehand. Despite all of these great qualities about her and her cute personality, you decide you’re going to “test” her. You want to see if she is respectable or not…or you want to see if she “respects herself.” You start telling her how much you care about her, how you are so surprised you two have so much in common, and how much you love being around her. She believes you–because why would you lie, right? She’s known you for a while, too, so she trusts you. One night, at her apartment, you decide to make a move (and this is where the “test” comes in). She doesn’t resist. She looks like she wants to. She reciprocates your move and by the end of the night, you’ve had sex with her. Despite everything you love about her, you now see that she is crap because she slept with you only after a couple dates and you two haven’t even made your relationship official. She is worthless because she…as you put it…”is too easy.”

See how f*cked up that is?

Why are we judging women for their right to say yes to sex?

The bad thing about the scenario above, you used her body just so you could judge her.

Now, please don’t take this personally. This is no Feminazi attack on men because well, that’s not what I do. This is just a scenario I have compiled from people’s real life experiences.

But it happens all too often and that’s why it’s a problem.

There is still a double-standard in society about women and sex. It’s the same crazy things that were happening in the medieval era when we placed worth on a woman’s virginity so she could marry the next richest prince and bring an alliance between two countries.

A woman has every right to her own body. Just as every man does. Everyone has the right to say, “No.” And everyone has the right to say, “Yes.” So why do we have the mindset that a woman who has less sex or sexual partners is more deserving of being treated with decency? When did we set a time limit on when is an appropriate time to have sex with a new partner?

I have been accused of being a “feminist pig” for standing up for what I believe in and that’s fine. I believe in equality for both genders. I am no man-hating person. I love men. Men are beautifully complicated creatures who have many amazing qualities. My feminism even stands behind women who are sex workers and women who dance on poles. Those women are deserving of respect and decency also.

Respect is not something that is earned. It is something that should be given upfront until the person acts otherwise. And if you feel you need to DISRESPECT someone because they’ve slept with you too quickly, then do us all a favor and stop having sex.

You’re probably wondering how we can change the societal mindset of people deeming women unworthy of respect depending on sex… well, I wish I had an answer for you, but I don’t. All we can do is spread awareness. Awareness that women are humans. Humans are sexual creatures. No seriously, according to science, sex is right up there with food and air… because how else would humans be created? We just happen to be a few of the species on Earth that have sex for pleasure or romantic reasons.

Point is, whether you are a man or a woman, you shouldn’t be judged by how quickly you sleep with someone or how many people you have been with. It’s no one’s business and I can guarantee anyone who is judging you has probably had a few “hoe stories” to tell.

What It’s Like as an Older College Student

With college, people tend to think of young folks fresh out of high school who don’t look a day older than fifteen. They think parties. They think frat houses. Drinking. Sex. Football. Being homesick…

But as an older student it’s not quite like that. Now mind you, I am not THAT old, but I’ll be 30 in February and I can assure you that even at my age now, I look at some of the younger students like they are nuts. Here are some thoughts I’ve had in the two semesters I’ve been at my local community college:

1. “Please don’t put me with those kids again in our group assignment!”

My English teacher, as much as I love her, often puts us in group projects. Normally, I don’t mind because sometimes she lets us be in our own groups and this consisted of four other people who were my age who really got down and dirty discussing whatever topics we had to discuss in class. We were the thinkers. But on occasion our teacher chooses our groups for us and I somehow always end up with the 18/19-year-olds who did not talk and sat there on their phones. Talk about awkward and annoying.

2. “Why are these books so GODDAMN expensive??”

I’m sure all of the students think this, not just the older ones. College textbooks are expensive and let me tell you, it’s a pain in the ass when I have to pay for them out of pocket and I am scrounging around on different websites looking for the cheapest version!

3. “Why is there graffiti on the bathroom walls?”

Yes, believe it or not, people are writing things in the bathroom stalls at my college (this is not meant to be an offense towards the college of course). On my first day, I used the restroom and there was writing there on the wall with marker that said, “How’s the shit going?” I often answered it back mentally… “Pretty good, thanks for asking.” *eye roll*

4. “Wonder where that person has been?”

For some reason I get kinda sad if someone drops out of the class especially if they’ve been coming for a couple months or something and then they don’t come anymore. I wonder what has been going on in their life that they had to come to this decision…and yes, I know I am probably thinking too much and day dreaming but it’s something that often crosses my mind. I hope all those students are okay.

5. “Dude, stop changing your seat!”

Something that is a minor pet peeve of mine in college so far is when people sit in a different seat every class session. For some reason, it is this unspoken rule that you kinda claim a seat on the first day and you sit there the entire semester. Nope, not this guy. He sat in a different seat every week and it annoyed the crap out of me. It’s probably just due to my low tolerance of humans in general, and apparently the dude has commitment issues… or something.

6. “I hope I can do this.”

As an older student, I don’t feel I have the energy to keep up with the younger students but that doesn’t mean I don’t work my ass off to do well and my grades do reflect that. That’s not to say that it doesn’t get rough and I have to keep pushing myself to keep going and remember why I started this journey in the first place. And if you are an older student, I hope you never get discouraged and you outshine those youngins! (No offense)